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    Adwords Offers Phone Support For US & Canada
    Here is an interesting news tidbit. Previously, you could only get a human on the phone if you had a certain PPC spend. Now Adwords US & Canada is offering phone support to everyone. IMHO, they pretty much had to do this, because Microsoft adcenter has pretty great phone support. It made Google look pretty bad.

    From the Google blog:
    Official Google Blog: Free phone support for AdWords advertisers
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    That is soo0oO0o long overdue at AdWords, thanks go to MS for something at last.

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    I called the number, was given a second number, got the same recording, press 1 or 2. The second time I didn't press anything. Got the same person who said he'd check on the phone number. Then he disconnected me. I think I'll wait a few days. I have two questions, one longstanding one more recent; questions that are not answered in the Help or the forums. So, bottom line, I left my customer's Google advertising at a minimum dollar level until I get answers.
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    Nice find! Called today and spoke with someone!

    Yes, I know this is a 47 day old thread, but it deserves bumping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesehead View Post
    Nice find! Called today and spoke with someone!
    But the question is, were they helpful? I am constantly amazed at what some of the largest organizations consider "customer service".

    I have all but given up on contacting the customer service departments of most companies (and that includes my bank, ISP, credit card companies, utilities (they are the worst), ad networks, shipping companies, networks, merchants and my cell phone provider). Speaking to most of them ranges from frustrating to demoralizing.

    The one exception, that isellstuff noted above, is Microsoft Adcenter. Dealing with their customer support has been what I can only describe as refreshing. They are fast, friendly, professional (and get this) TRULY HELPFUL. They actually follow up with you later to insure that an issue was resolved to your satisfaction and stays resolved. I sometimes call them when I don't actually have an issue because they are so pleasant to deal with. IMO they have become the new model for customer service.

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    I spoke to a nice fella the other day on the phone. He was pleasant and tried his best to be helpful but his hands were tied. It's like Google listened when we asked for some customer service but failed when they made those people give out the same useless information as their help pages offer.

    I know they don't want anyone gaming their systems, but they need to be more transparent in how things work. I've had business owner clients complaining daily about how mysterious Adwords is.

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