Did you know that over 60% of all households have a dog or cat? That's over 170 million pets in the United States.

Today, more and more people (pet parents) treat their pets like members of the family. From gourmet food to clever toys, we spend over $46 billion annually on our pets. And pet insurance is one of the fastest growing segments of the pet industry.

Become a Healthy Paws Affiliate today by advertising our highly-rated pet health plan and join our movement to help protect all pets, homeless or adopted.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers 90% of the vet bill when the pet is sick or injured. Our comprehensive plan is also affordable, with plans starting as low as $12 for cats and $20 for dogs. Healthy Paws is recommended by leading pet adoption groups, accepted by the American Animal Hospital Association, and the top customer-rated insurance plan at Pet Insurance Review. Smart, affordable, and loved by pet parents!

Become a Healthy Paws Pet Insurance affiliate today to start promoting a great product and one that helps pets stay healthy and happy across the country.


Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation is ideal for a wide variety of websites including, but not limited to, pet related sites, female lifestyle sites, parenting or family lifestyle sites, and financial housekeeping and budgeting sites.


The Healthy Paws Pet Insurance affiliate program offers a wide variety of creative assets, as well as a thorough selection of text links. Coupon codes are also available through Buy.At's OfferCentral.

Commission Structure

Affiliates will receive $26.00 per “Subscriber.”

A “subscriber” is a customer of the Affiliate who has completed the enrollment form on the Healthy Paws website, remitted full payment for the service ordered, and been in good account standing for 30 days.

Cookie Length

30 days

Search Marketing/PPC Policy

Affiliates are encouraged to engage in search engine marketing with the following restrictions:

Affiliates may not bid on Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, misspellings of the term or any variation of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance branded or trademarked terms. Prohibited keywords include, but are not limited to Healthy Paws, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, Healthy Paws Foundation, HealthyPawsPetInsurance.com, and GoHealthyPaws.com.

Search affiliates may link directly to the Pet Health Insurance for Dogs & Cats | Healthy Paws website. Affiliates may not use HealthyPawsPetInsurance.com or GoHealthyPaws.com, misspellings of the term or any variation of branded or trademarked terms as the display URL in any search advertising. The ad should in no way appear to have been placed by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Prohibited display URL's include, but are not limited to Pet Health Insurance for Dogs & Cats | Healthy Paws, Pet Health Insurance for Dogs & Cats | Healthy Paws, Pet Health Insurance for Dogs & Cats | Healthy Paws, Pet Health Insurance for Dogs & Cats | Healthy Paws, HealthyPawsPetInsurance.com, GoHealthyPaws.com.

Any violations of this policy may result in the reversal and non-payment of all outstanding commissions and removal from the Healthy Paws Pet Insurance affiliate program.

If there are any questions about the search policy, please contact the affiliate program manager for clarification before investing time and money to launch a campaign that may be in conflict with the above search policies.

Affiliate Management

This program is proactively managed by Greg Bennett. Reach him at Gregory.Bennett@buy.at or on (888) 791-0341 x 3.