I have to admit, I have been involved in affiliate marketing for 7 years now an try to stay as current as possible. However, the use of QR Codes has been puzzling to me as a marketer. I don't really understand how to utilize it into my marketing mix, but I never thought much of Twitter until a year ago and now I use it all the time. One thing is for sure though, it's just me! Because this form of marketing is blowing up and people are using these codes to drive traffic to their sites all day. I love the idea of using for landing pages in particular.

Working with APMEX over the past year and helping them launch a killer affiliate program has opened my eyes even more towards mobile marketing, and how affiliates can really take advantage of it. It's so hard to drive traffic through your links when someone is browsing mobile. However, the use a QR code and a re-direct through your tracker to a mobile friendly site is opening doors.

So my question to the community is this, how are you using mobile to drives sales through your affiliate links?

Also, here is a great piece on what a QR Code is and how they are used: QR Codes for Marketing