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    For 6 months I barely had anyone sign up for my affiliate program at ShareASale, then all the sudden last week I have been getting a LOT of people sign up every day.

    So far, it has only resulted in a few sales. The commission was $249.

    What should I do to encourage these new affiliates?

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    I always give 1st sale bonus and use a tiered commissions system so they know if they make more sales they will receive higher commissions. Let them know this in your newsletters.
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    I believe you'll find a lot of tips on these threads on how to encourage affiliates to promote your products:

    How do I get my affiliates to respond

    What motivates an affiliate to promote a product, besides high commissions?

    All the best!
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    Email each personally and start a relationship. I have a monthly call with two super affiliates that don't work in any of my programs. We keep each other informed.

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    I send a monthly promotions letter to my Affiliates where I offer them extra commission & extra discount for clients.This activity encourages them & they do coordinate with me about the offered deals.If some of my Affiliate is working too good I offer them our special commission deal.
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