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    CJ v Amazon
    OK, so I have a kind of an ecommerce type of site and will be ranking type of Google soon for some high traffic electronic terms.

    The page is shared with the likes of Amazon, Bestbuy etc.

    Now should I become an affiliate of Amazon even though the tracking period is only 24 hours,

    Or should I become an affiliate of for example who offer a more extensive tracking period.

    I can't help but think of my own behavior if I was searching online for a product to buy, I would click on the top 3 or 4 listings and if listing 1 took me to say listing 3 Amazon anyway, would I buy that day?! Probably not, perhaps 2 days later and then I would go straight to Amazon.

    Anyone switched from Amazon to Commission Junction or vice versa?

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    Why is the question here about "switching"? Why can't you include both types of links? And why not look further (within your niche, there are probably other advertisers who don't use CJ).

    I haven't had good results from (or, when compared to my results from Amazon. For a while, I included all three merchants' links in my pages, and varied the sequence; Amazon always delivered better results, so I eventually dropped Buy & O.

    Give the consumer a CHOICE and watch where they go. No surprises here: consumers who are already comfortable buying from Amazon will be more likely to convert if there's a link to Amazon. For various reasons, there are fewer customers out there who are comfortable buying from Buy or O (for a variety of reasons, including past experience).

    If the 24-hour limit is a problem (and certainly it can be, for high-ticket, "considered purchase" items), then you'll find that Amazon won't perform as well as other advertisers with longer durations.

    It's all about data, data, data. (Your data, not the networks' or merchants' varied methods of computing results.)

    I've got another advertiser with better performance than Amazon for my niche, and I'm constantly looking for others -- but I don't think there's a single page on my newest site that doesn't include links to multiple domains.
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    Not just 24 hours. 24 hours and single session.

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    I agree with Mark -- try for diversity. Check out the various relevant merchants, both at CJ and look to what's available at SAS and AvantLink. Those are three of the most respected merchant networks around here.

    As for Amazon -- you get a hefty authority boost, in my opinion, from Amazon. EVERYONE, I would guess, who has ever shopped online has heard of Amazon and trusts them. So even though they have the short cookie duration, you may find a lot of people go to Amazon and buy something, even if it's not the item you link to for them, just because they trust Amazon and there's such a ton of stuff there.

    Just my 2 cents!

    Generate more fake news.

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    Test and go with what works.

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