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    Up until about 5 days ago I was getting some nice traffic from Yahoo. Slurp has also been very active on adding lots of my other pages.

    Since Yahoo doesn't like duplicate content and affiliate sites, I decided to use a BuyIt.asp?SKU=12244 and then a meta refresh to the affiliate url. It didn't occur to me at the time that Yahoo would have a problem with this.

    The traffic I was getting was from Category level pages, and the meta refresh is on the individual product page.

    What has happened is when you search for my url in Yahoo, I find Amazing Socks individual pages. They even have Amazing Socks url, title, and description. The Cache has Amazing Socks page but references my redirect script url. So essentially my redirect page is indexed as an Amazing Socks page.

    I've changed the meta refresh to a response.redirect but I'm not sure if that will be any different. I've also added meta tags noindex, nofollow and nofollow to the previous page.

    My traffic dried up to nothing from yahoo. What I also don't understand is where did my category pages go? I can't find them either and I make each Merchant with a datafeed a subdomain off my domain. Each domain is geered to a category like clothes, computers, etc. I can't find the subdomains either.

    Did Yahoo just decided that some of my pages are really the Merchant? The only page I can find is the Home Page.

    Do you think the changes I made will do any good? For those of you that do redirects to hid the affiliate link, what method do you use?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not sure if this will help you Zoe, but I always put the redirect page (buy.asp) into a separate directory, and then tell robots.txt to NOT index that directory. That seems to work for the major SEs MOST of the time.

    A reponse.redirect will have the same effect as the meta refresh, in my experience. Since response.redirect is processed before the HTML is output, the spiders see the final output page as your content...which in this case is the merchant page.
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