We recently published a new case study detailing the successful launch and growth of the Apple Vacations affiliate program on our network. The piece describes why Apple Vacations chose to work with buy.at, tactics used to launch and grow the program, and the impressive results.

As described in the case study, the number of sales driven by affiliates increased 109% when comparing the first and second years of the program. Aside from sales volume, the affiliate channel drove a solid increase in new customers to the Apple Vacations website – doubling the volume of new site visitors.

“The performance of our affiliate program is beyond our wildest expectations! In addition to bringing in new business, this channel has helped us to increase brand exposure and significantly expand our reach. We found that buy.at’s excellent account management and customer service alleviated any need to allocate more internal resources to support the program – saving us both time and money.”
- Larry Touhill, Ecommerce Director at Apple Vacations

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to read the case study or here to sign up for the program. Thank you to all the affiliates who contributed to the success of the program and continue to support Apple Vacations and buy.at.