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    How to get LinkShare to actually pay me?! Absurd.
    I'm about ready to drop LinkShare, and email all of the merchant's executives directly to explain to them that I can no longer work with such an indifferent and poorly run network... and that other high-traffic sites may feel the same way and be on the brink of defecting. (This is true, by the way. I've spoken to several competitors in the same space who are having trouble with this.)

    My emails to LS go unreturned for days at a time, they don't answer their phones during regular business hours, and most important: a check mailed 15 days ago still has not arrived, even though I should *NOT* be receiving checks in the first place (I signed up for direct deposit and verified my checking account, in addition to cashing the first check they sent as part of that verification process) -- also: I live one state over from where their issuing bank is located; mailed checks should take 3 days at the max.

    I'm in the US, not overseas, so there is no legitimate reason for such a long delay.

    Also, my check payment amount (assuming it ever arrives) doesn't even match how much I earned during that month; it's less than what I earned. Super sloppy.

    I can't believe the extent to which LS ignores and hip pockets my support requests. Right now we're earning a little over $2,000 per week through them, and I could easily bump this up to $10K to $15K per week if I trusted them -- which I don't, at all, since so far they have been a nightmare in terms of actually getting paid on time. Which is why a lot of the ads on my site are with other networks.

    How do you guys get LinkShare to pay you on time, or pay you at all? I tried the abw at address and perhaps that friendly woman left the company, because I haven't received a reply. (Sent a week ago.)

    I'm at my wit's end here.
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    If you want to work with LinkShare you have to learn how their internal system works. They are not going to change it for you.
    LinkShare pay you if and only if they have received the payment from their merchants after invoicing them. It can take months. You have to dig deep inside Synergy Analytics to understand how it works.
    Each network is different and at LinkShare they have their own way to do things. You're going to get paid IF they have been paid.
    Their bank in California (Wells Fargo) does an outstanding job processing and mailing checks. Before (Years Ago) it was done in NY by a gerbil in LS basement and it was a real nightmare.
    I started with them in 1997 and I've always been paid, (if you forget the merchants going belly up or leaving LS without a word). Just be patient.
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    LS - no problem with my payments
    I believe near the top of the LS sub forum here, there is a thread about Contact information. Try sending an email to this address:
    Removed email address

    I haven't tried to call their toll free (within the USA) phone number in a couple of years, but when I did, they answered and were very responsive. I did need to reverify my Bank Account with them, when my Mailing Address and the Name of the Bank changed. As I recall, they sent 2 or 3 checks, before they put me back onto Direct Deposit. That was probably in 2009.

    Not sure where Ranae is. Hopefully she is on vacation or working very hard and is not out sick.

    There is some difference, frequently, in the amount of the payments. I look in the Signature Orders for the month. That's what I'm going to get for that Channel. Sometimes it is different, if there is a sale near the end of a month that gets reported to LS early during the next month, so your Sales totals and Signature Orders may vary somewhat.

    My #1 Advertiser (Premium), on the LS Publisher interface, I saw on Wednesday (06 April) "Awaiting Payment" for March 2011. Yesterday (07 April) I saw that LS had received their payment. Today (08 April), I see they initiated the Direct Deposit to my bank.

    I hope you can get someone from LS to respond to you and get your payments promptly. Assuming the Advertiser pays LS, my experience is that LS pays.... GL
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    Thanks for the info. I called their support number and got a real person -- I explained it doesn't take that long for US mail to move from one state to another, he said they are unwilling to re-issue a check until at least 30 days have passed, and then it will take 2 to 4 weeks to "escalate" the support issue and get the new check sent out.

    So we are talking about getting paid in late May/early June for commissions that were earned in early January.

    I smell a SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. Will not be working with LinkShare any longer -- had I known I would be paid in the summer for January commissions, I would have laughed at them. Laughed in their faces and stuck with the networks I was using.

    Meanwhile they are sitting on my money, as the merchant has already paid out for January, back around mid-March.

    I've never had a check get lost in the mail. The support rep on the phone was full of it, "Maybe it will get found and someone will put it back into the mail circulation."

    Yeah, maybe... But highly unlikely.

    Also, just looked them up on Better Business Bureau: they have an F rating. That's not good at all.

    Yes, they have a Park Avenue South office and are doing so well they can post hiring notices here, but they can't even pay their affiliates. Reeks of a scam.

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    I had checks lost in mail, LS replaced them
    @thorcore Sorry you feel there is some SCAM against you. When I changed my mailing address (in 2009?), the first time it was to a P.O. Box. I had 2 or 3 checks LS mailed to me go astray, to that P.O. Box. I then changed, to another mailing address, LS reissued the checks (after waiting to be sure they had not cleared, before placing stop payment orders with their bank) and those checks, to the newest mailing address, did arrive OK. After those checks were deposited into my bank account, LS then put me back onto Direct Deposit.

    As Zeus wrote earlier, if LS does not receive payment from the Merchant/Advertiser, LS will not pay you.

    Once the Merchant/Advertiser pays LS, LS will pay you.

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    Hi thorcore,

    I am not sure what means of communication you have tried to contact our support team but the team generally responds within 24 hours.

    Our support reps are ready to help 9 AM-6PM Eastern if you call us using our 888 number or if you use the contact form.

    LinkShare Publisher Help Center :: Contact Us

    Also, the best way to contact me is through the PM system.

    We have certain policies in place and we do not reissue checks within 30 days. We send out thousands of checks every week and sometimes they do get lost in the mail or routed to the wrong address. Keep in mind we have no control over the checks once they are mailed.

    Zeus & Lanny are correct to the point that we only pay our publishers once we recieve the payment from the advertiser. We don't hold on to publishers money and we have no interest in doing so either.

    Generally, we do not swap publishers out of direct deposit because it is a much better and faster system. However if you do change your address (even a minor change), our system will begin sending you checks to verify that the new address you have input is accurate. Once that check is cashed, the system will automatically begin sending you direct deposit once again.

    Lastly, if you contact me via PM with your SID and any other specific details regarding your issue, I can try and help.

    Lanny & Zeus: I appreciate the support of the community and I am well, just been busy.

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