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    Yet Another Subdomain Question...

    As my username suggests I am newish here (I've lurked a bit), and I'm newish to the affiliate world as well. I did a search and read some threads here regarding subdomains, but I still did not see an answer to my specific question.

    From what I understand:

    1. Excessive cross linking between subdomains would be bad: so I think this means, I should not have a navigation bar that runs across,, and that all point to each other.

    Am I right?

    2. I think I read somewhere that one way links are okay does that mean, on I could have a navigation bar or menu that points to,, and and that is okay?

    I already have a site which is my brand/business name, but I have such a diverse range of products that I sell that I feel that I should subdomains so the products don't dilute each other out keyword wise.

    Is it okay to use as a page that points to all of those subdomains? I was wondering if there was a penalty for that?

    I am hoping for people who google my brandname, they will reach and then search all the different products that I sell from there....

    Is there something else that I should be thinking about regarding all of this that I have not thought of?

    Thank you very much for any thoughts and advice in advance.

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    In a word, another form of "link wheel", former one use single websites as unit, this strategy use subdomain websites as unit.

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