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    How to actually start with an affiliate network?
    Hello ABW members,

    This is my first post at this forum, and as I am a newbie in this field, I prefer starting right away with a question. Time will show whether affiliate marketing is a path for me, and whether I will stay on the other side one day - giving answers rather than asking questions.

    Here is my question:

    How do I actually start if I want to join an affiliate network and create a website promoting some products? I cannot create a website unless I have the content (unless I know what products I am going to promote), but I cannot join an affiliate network without a website (required field during the process of registration to an affiliate network). This is kind of a circle that I am trapped in.

    Anyone willing to give me a small advice?

    Thank you!

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    so find a domain name that is a little general, like having to do with sports, clothing, cars, something like those. they are general enough that you can apply to a couple of networks, several merchants each, and perhaps be able to join a few programs.

    domain names aren't very expensive. neither is hosting if you are careful. but start somewhere. your first domain may last or not, but you need experience building sites in order to impress merchants and networks.

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    There's no reason why you can't create the web site first. You probably already have a topic in mind; as Herb suggests, search for an available domain name related to that topic. Register that domain, connect it to a hosting account, and create some content.

    This is really not a "chicken and egg" situation -- you can have a web site without advertisers, but in general you can't have advertising without a web site. (There are some affiliate marketing strategies that don't involve your own web site, but most affiliate networks and advertisers will want to see a web site to confirm that you're serious and legitimate (and not just a "front" for unethical folks trying to set up new accounts to cheat the networks and advertisers).

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    You can actually do earn as an affiliate without a website. You could join Clickbank and post your affiliate links on blogs and forums. You could also build a Squidoo lens. I think you'll find this lesson helpful:

    However, it's still best that you create your own site. Your website is like an asset that you are building. Sending people straight to affiliate products is missing an opportunity to further develop that asset.
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    You can actually do earn as an affiliate without a website. You could join Clickbank and post your affiliate links on blogs and forums.
    Many places would consider these links to be spam and you can be blacklisted for spamming. Down the road when you decide to become a serious affiliate you may find that this kind of activity will keep you out of some choice programs. If you're in it for what you can grab and run that's a fine short term strategy.

    I would be leery of advice from a source that recommends this kind of activity.

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    Thank you for your responses.

    I will start a website without any specific affiliation program first, and once the site is up and running, I will do a research and apply for a membership in a few affiliate networks, as suggested.

    I am not a big fan of the alternatives (I quickly went through them). My goal is not to avoid building a website, that is actually the most creative part, I was just not sure how exactly "the beginning itself" should be handled.

    Now I have an idea, so let's give it a try and let's start to gain some experience.

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