Hi everyone,

Long time not post.

I'm starting a "strict entry" spotlight and knowledge sharing Blog directory.

My main goal is to bring in some heavy hitting bloggers to share some insight on their blogging success.

Also, I want to give some "average joe" bloggers that have highly informative blogs an opportunity to tell the world about themselves and the madness that helped form their blogs.

This is for people who are seriously addicted to blogging!

I don't want to dish on all of the details until I have the site up an running. (Which will be in a few weeks, hopefully)

But here's my dilemma: I'm torn between Wordpress and Drupal for the look and functionality that I'm looking for.

Is there anyone that may have any input that would help me get this going? I don't plan to monetize this in the beginning. I want to focus on success first then monetizing later.

Wordpress or Drupal

What plug-ins would work best for building this type of community?