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    guide me how to get mechant product feed?
    I am willing to start the business but i don't know how do i can get the merchant product feeds so that i can post it on my website.
    i am trying to find it out but still facing problem in finding the merchant products feed to sell on the website
    if anyone know the true process please help me in order to get the merchant product feeds.
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    We can tell you right here how to get a merchant's datafeed, no need to put your email at spambot risk.
    1.If you know what network the merchant is on, sign up to work with that network. That is how you will get paid.
    1a. After you are approved for the network, sign up with the merchant and get your links and datafeeds.

    2. If you are trying to promote a specific merchant and don't know what network they are with, visit their site and look for a link to their affiliate program signup; failing that, do a search for merchantname+affiliate.

    Good luck.
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