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    Clarification on Searchbox Banners
    Quote Originally Posted by davidh View Post
    Will concur with that. "Search box banners" have always been a very strong converter. Note to merchants: these types of links are practically guaranteed to get premium placement on affiliate's sites; right in the customer's face, as opposed to bottom corners of pages.
    This is a great tip. Can you please clarify what "search box banners" are? Visual examples and/or specs would be extremely helpful.


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    Hi Erika, your question was moved here to have its own discussion, it is an excellent question and shouldn't be buried in an old thread.

    I agree with davidh's comment, they are strong creatives. Depending on the network you are with they may have tools to help you create this type of banner. Basically it is a html built <form> that includes a .js link. When it is on a site it looks much like the searchbox at the upper right here at ABW. SAS has several available, unfortunately they cannot be shared here.
    I suggest you look in your ABW profile for a place where you can apply to join Groups and check the box for Affiliate Managers so that you can receive PMs.
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    Here's an example (as an image capture from a stale web site which I haven't updated for several years) showing three separate "searchbox banners" for three merchants:

    In my example, entering a search phrase and clicking "find" within one of the boxes opens the merchant's site with the search results, in a new window.

    I've also seen situations where the search-results are displayed locally, either via a pop-up window or inside a frame [or iframe] (so the visitor is still viewing my site, but viewing a list of products for a single merchant, using either a server-side script or a client-side script that draws the data from the merchant's server).

    And of course, it's also possible to use PopShops (or other technology) to display a list of search results for multiple merchants, while still on your site.

    I've also manually created pages for my sites where I display search results from two different merchants, side-by-side, for the same search phrase.

    As you can see from my example, different merchants may provide different types of search boxes. For merchants offering a wide range of products, a drop-down may be used (with a default selection) for the product category (here, sheet music) or search type (here, artist vs title).
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    We used search boxes for domain search for a LinkShare program and it was the highest producing banner/link. It requires a script from the merchant and an HTML image for the boxes.

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    This information and the examples are much appreciated. I was about to ask the same question as Erika but decided to do a search first to learn if someone else had questioned the quote from the other discussion.

    I'm preparing a project bid for 15 new banners and wanted to know about the search box banner before proceeding.

    With appreciation,


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