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    Terminology- "Affiliate" or "Publisher"?
    This might be a dumb question but I have to give a short presentation and cannot decide which term is more industry wide or appropriate- "Affiliate" or "Publisher"? Is there one that most people like better? I have heard that the term "Affiliate" can be demeaning because it puts the person at a lower rank that the merchant, where as "publisher" seems more like a partner status. Thoughts?
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    Affiliate, widely accepted

    The keyword is also used elsewhere, Affiliate Summit, Affiliate Program, Affiliate Network.
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    Some merchants prefer the word "Publisher" as affiliate can have different meanings to different companies.

    I prefer Publisher, but it is called Affiliate Marketing

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    I vote for Nexusite

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    Ive actually see the distinction between merchant and publisher as "Affiliate Publisher" and "Affiliate Merchant"

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    It depends on the audience you're addressing. Unless you're confident that everyone in your audience shares your understanding of the term you use, you'd need to define it for them.

    The term "affiliate" is well-recognized within the "affiliate marketing industry," and usually is correctly understood. However, outside the internet marketing space, the term "affiliate" is often misunderstood (since the word has other meanings).

    In other contexts, the meaning of the word "affiliate" is different. In broadcast media (TV & radio), the term "affiliate" is used to describe the relationship between a local broadcasting station (affiliate) and a national network. In a more general business context, the term "affiliate" is often used to refer to subsidiaries or other companies with common ownership, or sometimes to relationships such as distributor or independent salesperson. In a legal context, terms like "affiliate," "associate," or "partner" (!) may have very specific meanings (not appropriate in our context) if not specifically defined in a written contract.

    I prefer the term "publisher," for many reasons, but it's certainly not perfect or ideal.

    Some past discussion threads about industry terminology:
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    quite a few affiliate marketers don't publish.. for example Direct to merchant page search engine marketing. so affiliate and merchant makes much more sense to me. Don't forget all those squeeze page sites. I have trouble calling someone who makes a squeeze page a publisher.

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    Its something that CJ created as well as advertiser versus merchant. I think its confusing and refers to other online marketing terms.

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    Affiliate or publisher
    Define your terms at the beginning of your presentation so that you're audience will know what you mean.

    Cheers, Bruce

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    And then there are those who believe that affiliate and publisher are unusable, confusing terms, as they are widely used in other media industries, and have pushed for the term "media partner". All are correct, just be clear up front and consistent with your terminology.
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