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    Need Lots Of help
    I am trying to start my affiliate program and want to know if someone returns a item do i still need to pay commission?

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    Also whats the normal percentage paid on order sizes $100-$250 ?

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    1. Yes, if you want to build long lasting relationships.
    2. Depends on your margin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by realbadNewbie View Post
    Also whats the normal percentage paid on order sizes $100-$250 ?
    The commission percentage is often between 5-20% for physical products. It's usually 50% for digital products.
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    Would you adjust (decrease) the commission owed to an affiliate if a product was returned before the payout date?

    This situation hasn't happened to me, but I'd appreciate an opinion on this.


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    We get a few voids and cancellations every month but so far we have not reversed any sales or decreased any commissions. However, if a "pattern" were to develop among one or more affiliates, we would then have to take (some kind of) action.
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    I'm puzzled by these answers as I'm not sure why an affiliate would expect to earn commission when a product is returned (especially big ticket sales). It's great to know that some merchants honor the original sale, but as a publisher I factor a percentage of returns in my own monthly calculations.

    Having said that, if a merchant makes it known that they DO pay commissions on returns, I would give them extra promotion.

    From a merchant's perspective, I guess the answer would be based on a cost-benefit analysis.

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