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    Hiring an OPM
    We've had an SAS account for a year and the only transaction I see is the monthly minimum fee. At this point I'm looking to work the program for a while and if I don't see any action I'll just close it. My question, how do I go about hiring an OPM and How much should I expect to pay and what kinds of results can I expect? Thanks for the info.

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    A good OPM can make the difference in a program, first by taking a look at your program to see where its shortcoming might be, then to assist in getting it set up optimally and then to help it get promoted the right way. It might help if you took a little time to get up to speed on some basics here:

    Starting an Affiliate Program & Merchant Q&A - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

    Merchant Best Practices Forum - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

    and I'm sure you'll hear from several OPMs as to what options they offer. Good luck.
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    We have some great OPM's here just look around.

    As an affiliate I would recomend Greg Hoffman, he makes daily post here so he should not be hard to find. And he has alot of merchants on SAS so that should help you as well.

    Good Luck....
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    Here is another thread with some tips about finding an AM or OPM:

    Featured: How to find an Affiliate Manager or OPM?
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