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    It just may blow up on you!

    News Story CLICK HERE

    Seems some cell phones don't appreciate actually being handled
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    Now if only we could figure out how to turn this around for use on telemarketers.

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    This has been happening for a while. Mostly with Nokia and their blaming it on fake batts.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Michael Sathre, who is expected to fully recover from his wounds, was picking his fully charged Verizon LG cell phone off the floor when it exploded by his side. The family chose not to sue and has instead allowed the companies involved and a consumer group to come to their house to study the damage, in the hopes it won't happen to someone else. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Wow, where in the world did these people come from? Not suing?

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    I like the idea of turning it around for use against the telemarketers LOL
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    The quality and reliability of our Intelligent Battery product line depend
    on the components that go into it. We meet and exceed the ISO-9001 and
    QS-9000 quality certification requirements. Our batteries are made with IC
    Chip technology that communicates with the Cellphone.

    As you communicate with your Cellphone, your Cellphone is communicating with
    your battery. In order for your battery to listen, it must have an IC smart
    chip inside. The Cellphone has a software program that talks to your
    batteries IC chip to help your battery last longer, conserve power, and
    protect it from overheating. Unfortunately, some Chinese manufacturers are
    cutting corners and using cheaper material to lower the production costs. The
    results are batteries that don't last or may explode.

    To explain how smart batteries with IC chips work, let's image filling up a
    bucket full of water with a hose. When you turn on your phone, it seeks the
    nearest Cellphone tower to establish communication. If the Cellphone tower
    is near, the phone reduces the power output from 0.6 watts to as low as 0.1
    watts. Thus, using less battery power. Similar to when you are filling up a
    bucket full of water. When you are standing close to the bucket, you simply
    put the water flow on low to reach, using less water.

    As you drive further away from the tower, the phone tells the battery to put
    out more energy to maintain communication with the tower. The farther away
    you are, the more battery power you use. Thus, reducing the battery life.
    The FCC regulations restrict the maximum power output to 0.6 watts.
    Similarly, if you are standing 20 feet away from the bucket, you must adjust
    the water flow to maximum to reach the bucket. Thus, consuming more water.

    Cheaper batteries that are made with inferior components fail to adjust
    power output or input at safe levels. This can cause the power cells to over
    heat or fail quickly. In extreme cases, the Cellphone battery can explode. Inc., using only OEM quality components that allow each battery to
    maintain communication with the phone. Thus, eliminating the risks of
    overheating. In addition, the smart IC chip technology helps the battery
    turn off when full during charging. Cheaper batteries will accept the
    current flow while charging even beyond capacity. This can cause the battery
    cells to over charge and explode.

    If Inc., is to make it for the long haul, quality, reliability and
    customer service are critical success factors. We use only the highest
    quality OEM components in each battery. Our battery factory manufactures OEM
    for Alcatel, Neo, and Infostream. Our strong suit is that reliability is
    built in - not added on - to every product design using concurrent
    engineering, design, and development processes.

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