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    Reapplying when you move to another state?
    hi everyone,

    i was just curious....if you are an affiliate in a state that enacted an affiliate tax law....AND you moved (to an "affiliate friendly state", of course) easy/difficult was it for you to get reinstated to the programs that terminated?

    i'm just wondering if they made you wait a certain amount of time to reapply.....or what kind of procedures they required to allow you back in the program. any details you could provide would be appreciated.


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    I cannot imagine that if you were booted from a program for the sole reason of an Amazon tax going into effect, that you would not immediately be welcomed back following relocation to another state. I would email the AM/OPM and tell them you've moved. They may want some verification, but other than that, it should be pretty automatic. But that's just my take on it.
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    yeah, your probably right. i'm just curious to know if anyone has gone thru the process yet. idk, if i was a merchant, i'd be cautious on who i let back in the program unless they had proper id.

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