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    Getting Paid by ClickBank (Not Quite)
    I've just had a bizarre experience. I just received an envelope containing my first check from ClickBank (for $25.41) -- but the check was torn almost completely in half.

    The envelope was undamaged -- this was not a postal machine damaging the check, but instead the torn check was placed into the envelope before mailing.

    It looks like the check was torn during printing or (most charitably) perhaps by an automated envelope-stuffing machine -- not by a human.

    Remember, these are the folks who won't issue payment electronically until after publishers have received two paper checks -- and they inist on charging a fee to issue each payment (whether by check or electronically). They also impose a $20 fee for "replacement checks."

    I've submitted a support request (and received a ticket confirmation via email).

    To their credit, ClickBank did mail the check on the date they promised (April 13), but the check is dated April 7 (this would likely be a problem for some publishers because the check is also maked "Void After 90 Days").

    See also: my earlier comments about ClickBank (3 weeks ago)

    Update: ClickBank replied within a few minutes to my support ticket, advising that they will send a replacement check at no charge.
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    FYI, I did receive the promised replacement check (and another check).

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    It's always good to hear about good news! I'm glad they came through.

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