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    Anyone have a suggestion for a good merchant for a site with about 5,000 late baby boomer / Gen Xer's a day, mostly parents of young children? Currently selling about 5 - 10 children's and parenting books a day, which more than pays the bills - but looking for a merchant / product line with a better payout / conversion rate. Tried a number of parenting magazines, but conversion stunk, and thigs like clubmom weren't even close to worth the effort. I'm used to pulling in 4+ figures a month on most of my sites, but I can't get much over $400 a month on this one.

    Any suggestions for merchants / products?
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    It's December.

    Put up banners for TOYS.

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    Anything baby, but programs are hard to find, commissions aren't always the greatest, and a lot of items are low ticket. Cheap and cute converts like mad (ya, I know that sounds dirty LOL) but the return isn't worth much time bothering with anything more than little banners.

    Look around for items with a higher ticket selling price that have very competitive pricing. They comparison shop for the higher priced stuff, so one of the more important things to look for on that is definitely return days because they're not necessarily impulse buys.

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