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    Want to promote via ‘Custom Affiliate Widget’. Help!

    I am planning to launch a website that will sell 3rd party Electronic Products. It is under development process now. Over the period, the number of products and categories will be quite high. So I am planning to sell it via an affiliate system that works something like Amazon. The system should work like a widget. Since there will be huge number of products, so the system should allow the affiliates to display the desired products in his site directly from my product database and customize the width/height/color etc.

    Can anyone help me with information where to go?


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    You can look into the Diesel Affiliate Program or Amazon Affiliate Program and get some ideas. I think it requires some custom affiliate solutions and better to go to the affiliate system developers. You can contact top custom affiliates developers like PostaffiliatePro or Euraffiliates. I do not think IDEV do such custom programming. You can contact them too.

    Best Wishes

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