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Thread: Stay safe with McAfee Total Protection

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    Stay safe with McAfee Total Protection
    Recently consumers have been receiving messages from trusted companies such as 1-800-Flowers, Chase, Hilton HHonors and others, letting them know that their e-mail addresses have been exposed due to the recent Epsilon data breach. This provides a perfect opportunity for cybercriminals to take advantage of the breach and send out phishing e-mails designed to steal user names and passwords.
    McAfee Labs believe scammers will probably wait until they figure out how best to turn their scams into money, and may wait until the news cycle dies down. That’s why it is important for consumers to stay vigilant for a period of time.
    You can help your customers by offering them McAfee Total Protection™ at 50% off MSRP! McAfee Total Protection is the best first line of defense against any malicious online attack.

    Here are some tips to share with consumers to stay safe:
    * Be aware that companies will never ask you for credit card information or other personal information in email. If you are being asked to provide that information, it’s a scam.
    * If you are suspicious of an email, go directly to the Web site of the company that purportedly sent it and don’t follow links in the email as those may be fraudulent. Call the company’s number listed on their web site, not the number in the email as that may be a fake.
    * Consider unsubscribing from email communications and re-subscribing using a new email address for commercial communications. That way you know that messages that land in that new inbox are more likely to be genuine as the new address wasn’t part of the breach.
    * Use the latest security software, including Web security features to protect you from going to malicious Web sites such as phishing sites.

    We encourage you to take this opportunity to educate your site visitors about the dangers of phishing and recommend McAfee Total Protection to keep them safe. For further information about phishing and other security topics please visit McAfee Security Advice Center.
    Log-in today to get your link, or use the link below to promote McAfee Total Protection at 50% off MSRP.
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