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    One of my pet peeves has always been merchants & networks that keep useless, long expired coupons in their database. CJ the worst but all the networks do it. I've seen up to 5 yr old or older worthless expired coupons listed.

    So today, looking at a brand-new CJ advertiser. Joined Apr. 18th. Get Links page shows they have coupons, about a dozen coupon links. 2 different coupons, one expired yesterday, one expired 2 weeks ago.

    I'm seeing this more and more often. But, honestly, what is the point of it?
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    it does make you wonder how they can be so useless at running networks when they can't get such basic things right with things like having a system to deal with expired promotions? I see it on CJ, and as I have complained before the worst thing is you often don't know with CJ as the ad code will often not tell you and you will have to click the info about the link before it will tell you if it is expired. Then you have places like Linkshare, I have been updated my links there in last few days but only with old merchants, I would never add any new merchants in Linkshare anymore as I just don't have hardly any conversions there, I think it must be with the link code. But I noticed that as I checked out some rss feeds, nothing has changed from 3-4 years ago with so many useless and outdated feeds, many merchants had given up using them with there stupid system as well I noticed.

    The only network that comes to mind that I think deals with expired links well is Avantlink.
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    CJ has a reporting system where I can flag an affiliate. It generates an automated response that is tracked. They take their tracking system very seriously and if you follow through you get a response. They need to do the same for affiliates.

    In the name of fairness I recommend that you email the merchant. If no response after two days then start a thread on ABW with the merchants name in the title and include expired coupons. Make sure to include a link to the site in the body of the post. You will get a response!

    Perhaps we should create an expired coupon code forum on ABW specifically for this. Otherwise can use this one: Unethical Merchants - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

    If the merchant response mods would be happy to remove the post. I can tell you that when I see posts like that I have taken the time to email the affiliate manager commenting that they might want to look into it.

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