Hi everyone,

I have been reading through a lot of the comments on here and there is plenty of good information. I have some questions that are more specific to what I am working on.

To provide some context I work for a small company in the UK and we have agreed with quite a prominent vlogger to enter an affiliate program. This is our 1st ever venture into this field and the vlogger is not highly experienced as well. We have agreed a commission based upon sales that are attributed to him.

My questions are:

Q1. Is the commission usually paid on the net value of a sale or on the total value? So if the total basket value is £100 do they get x% of that value? Or should I subtract 20% tax = £80 and pay commission on the £80?

We have created a unique branded landing page within our website for the affiliate this means that I have been able to give the affiliate a url that he can use. I was planning to track the performance through Google Analytics -> referring sites -> select his unique url and view the ecommerce stats provided.

Q2. Would this be feasible/reliable? I know it is not the most advanced method of tracking and that I can't see the exact products that can be attributed towards the affiliate more so just the overall value.

As I work for a smaller company and its our first venture we are hesitant to get caught up in a huge and complex affiliate network.

Any thoughts and advice would be very much appreciated!