Hello there,

Am new to the forums. I have a good flick through but not able to see the answer to my following question.

I am an established training provider in the financial sector - have been in business for ~5.5 years and provide a service to people from around the world. I am new to affiliate marketing, predominantly due to this simple fact:

My website doesn't have a checkout or "any obvious way to track affiliates, there most certainly is a way, just not in my knowledge"

Through my site I can assign affiliates and give unique tracking ID's, clicks, conversions etc and full iDevAffiliate tracking. The problem is:

I provide a 4 month online training course and not a "instant purchase", therefore most people contact my sales personnel in order to start the training. Is it possible to track this with an affiliate scheme?

I would love to start using affiliates to earn through me - a 10% commission would be around $477. I already get about 5 purchases / week just through my basic knowledge of SEO, with no adwords or any other form of marketing. I just need some help to get over this hurdle.