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    Studies of how people react to online advertisements have identified several design techniques that impact the user experience very negatively.

    Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox, December 6, 2004

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    Great info Adam.

    The use of anti-pop software from 26% in April 2003 to 69% in September 2004 is an astonishing increase!

    This speaks volumes to the webmaster.
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    I don't use popups and popunders.

    They must work to some degree however since I see major sites (like drudgreport) use them. I would bet they convert at an extremely low rate. None-the-less, low conversion pays off if you have a million+ visitors a day.

    For a smalltimer like me, they would just drive most everybody from my site.
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    Attention Merchants your Adwhore AM firms who climb in bed with any and all "hated" advertising schemers pissing off your potential customers. Affiliates in general are the scourge to any Merchants brand if your AM's push/condone spammy intrusive advertising methods.

    ..."Advertisers themselves might be tempted to continue with these nasty design techniques as long as they can find sites that will run them. After all, they typically yield higher clickthrough rates. But clickthrough is not the only goal. Users who are deceived into clicking on a misleading ad might drive up your CTR, but they're unlikely to convert into paying customers. And your brand suffers a distinct negative impact when you antagonize customers and use techniques that are associated with the worst scum on the net."

    Honest article showing who rules the affiliate roost...THE SHOPPER!
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    Very good article.

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    I agree with Michelle. Very good article. I've tried lots of different ad techniques over the years, including pop-unders. Pop ups and unders conversions are very low, below 1%.

    Pop overs & unders are effective for single item sales. Or you can use pop unders for just marketing your brand name. But if you over do it, there's heck to pay.

    Believe it or not, using banners ads properly is the better way to get customers and to build brand recognition.

    Still nothing beats text ads or quality referrals from other websites.
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    Very good article.

    The respondent answers reflect how I feel about advertisements.
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