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    All choked up

    My accountant is fantastic. She has saved me SO much money over the last couple years that I don’t even know where to begin thanking her. With her on my team, I don’t even think about taxes, the IRS, quarterly reports, quarterly estimates etc. Before her I was always getting hit by the IRS for doing something wrong and my life was full of stress because of it.

    Today I sent over a large flower arrangement to her. She has told me in the past how practical she was and how flowers were a waste because they just died. I ignored her past sentiments and sent them anyway.

    A few minutes ago I got a call from a sobbing accountant thanking me on this dark and rainy day. Apparently I had picked out her exact wedding flowers – Red Roses and Star Gazer Lilies. Hearing her on the phone got me all choked up too.

    Merry Xmas and don’t forget to send something special to the important people in your life!


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    I agree ... I think this year I will send my ex gf a picture of the engagemnet ring I was going to present to her that I traded in for my H2 and the house that was almost ours together.LOL...

    I love XMas, makes me feel extra fuzzy.


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    Here's one to make her drool over...
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