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    Publishers showing up under terms not set to default
    Under my CJ account I've created three terms, T1, T2 and T3. T3 is set to the default for new publishers. Initially all existing publishers were either in T1 or T2. I selected every publisher in each and manually REPLACED (set to 7 days) their terms from T1/T2 to the new T3. After the 7 days almost all where set to T3 but I did notice about 30 that somehow got left behind. I repeated the process once again, and again, 7 days later, most but not all were set to T3.

    I've been paying close attention to it and have noticed that occasionally a publisher will appear in either T1 or T2 even though T3 is the default.

    Question: Does anyone know where these publishers are coming from or what the reason could be for them ending up in T1 or T2? I'm stumped...


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    I've had trouble moving all from an original default to a new one. Ask CJ for help and they will push the remainder.

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    I called CJ...they said that any publishers that has been deactivated by them would return to their original terms if they happen to activate once again.

    What was happening is that I was replacing all T1/T2 users with T3. While they were in the 7-day-limbo, deactivated T1/T2 publishers were slowly returning to CJ and being assigned to the original T1 or T2 terms. It was never ending.

    The solution was to ARCHIVE T1 and T2 and wait the 7 days. Deactivated users were then automatically eliminated from the program after that time.

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