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    Exclamation Clary Business Machines (Unpaid For Ad)
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    You can find out how to advertise your site at ABW here:
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    A quick word of warning about Clary Business Machines, which currently has five active affiliate programs through ShareASale (and as noted in the deleted post, they also had an affiliate program active through LinkShare, earlier this year).

    In 2007, I invested substantial time and effort (and a modest amount of money) seeking to add advertsing for Clary's shredder products into a new web site. The company failed to respond to six emails, and when I eventually spoke with someone by telephone, it was clear that the affiliate program was completely unimportant. At that time, they had three separate affiliate programs through ShareASale. It appeared that tracking was not working properly, and the company really didn't seem to understand the concept of affiliate programs.

    Today, I received an email from Clary, apparently from a new affiliate manager:
    We recently decided to collaborate more closely with our valuable partners such as you and extend profitable opportunities to grow more sales for both. If interested, please reach me back at [email omitted] and we can discuss how we can work together to achieve more sales and profits. // Looking forward to hear back from you.
    I noticed that Clary is selling a different product line which is of interest to my primary niche audience, so I took a quick look at their data on ShareASale: five separate affiliate programs, three with zero EPC, one with positive EPC (but a 33% reversal rate), and one with negative EPC (but a 0% reversal rate).

    To get a negative EPC with a zero reversal rate, they must be manually manipulating transaction data (something ShareASale should reflect in its aggregated data, but does not).

    Clary's web sites have a prominent toll-free number and live-chat prompts (at least one uses a pop-up to encourage live chat).

    I suspect one reason they've launched two new, separate affiliate programs in the past two months is to hide their "offline history" -- though it already looks worse for one of the new programs than for some of the older ones.

    Be wary of this merchant.

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    The stats above are disturbing.

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    Thanks for that post. I had over 600 Products for them on my website I just moved them all to trash for now...

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