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    Think back for a moment, when you first started affiliate marketing what was you most prominent, or biggest question your wanted to find out about affiliate marketing?

    Now that you have been at it a while maybe your a $50 earner a month maybe your a $50,000 earner what is your biggest question now you still have not got answered

    dont be shy.. lol it will be interesting to know


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    Actually, I got into this business not really expecting to make money. I started by wondering how I could possibly earn a few bucks to make my internet connection pay for itself as well as to have the cost of a domain name and web host pay for themselves. Was I surprised at where all of that led to.

    Now that I am doing this for a living, my biggest question is how can I increase sales further?
    Rick M.
    I would rather have a bottle in front of me, than have a frontal lobotomy!
    Does your bubblegum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?

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    My biggest question was "Will it work?"
    I have the answer, now my biggest question is "Will it last?"

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    >>What was your one biggest question when you started

    What's the Google algo?

    >>and what is it now?

    What has Google done to its algo?!?
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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    When I started -- How do I find programs?

    Now -- How do I use tools such as scripts, autoresponders, blogs, etc. to automate my affiliate marketing efforts? Then I can spend my time on building a better website, getting more traffic, and increasing sales.

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    How to get really started without having to buy some worthless, hyped-up e-book. Actually, I got turned off by there being SO MANY of them, all claiming to "have the answer."

    So I started seeking. Learning a little here-and-there. Joined forum boards. Ran across ABestWeb (luckiest thing I ever found on the net)
    How to write HTML. One biggie-perhaps the biggest- how to upload your website to a server and have it work!

    Now? Need to learn PHP. Need to stay more focused. Build a page a day no matter what.
    Keep learning.

    Biggest question now? How in the #$%@# do I manage a datafeed?

    Rick K.
    "Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can't...You're right!" -Henry Ford-

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    Then: Will the general public buy from a mall site? And how much do I have to learn?

    Now: How to cost effectively reach huge amounts of potential customers (1-2 million) with as little money as possible on a monthly basis?
    Have you promoted your brand name today?

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    Then: Why isn't there a site out there to make it easier for people to {fill in the blank}? Maybe I should make one.

    Now: Why isn't there a site out there to make it easier for people to {fill in the blank}? Maybe I should make one.

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    i have always wondered and still wondered what's in the minds of the 'potential conversions' that abandon the purchase/payment at the last step when they were required to pull their credit card.

    yes, i know lots of the textbook responses to this (such as concern about their card info not being safe, shipping costs too high etc.), but really i would like to be in their minds at the point they hit the back button so that i could fix it and get them back.

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    Then - wonder if I could make some money with this

    Now - wonder how I could make some more money with this - lol

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