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    Hi All! I can normally do pretty good when it comes to cleaning up computers with a ton of spyware. Something I do for friends and family mostly with kids Anyways I have my cousins here right now which was infested probably the worse I have ever seen a computer be. The problem I am having is at start up a few xxxx.dll try to load up. The question is can I just delete them. If so would I just type in the run box - COMMAND-the name of file - and then just delete it? Any suggestions? One site which I am sure most of you know is which is pretty awesome. The link I gave is one of the 3 files showing up which LZIO adware.

    Are they in the start menu? Any advise is appreciated.
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    you may have to check for viruses on that also.

    meanwhile, Adaware has gone through some changes, I'm told, and it sounds like a new version or product is out. should be a freebie. take a look at and see if there is anything there to download.

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    Have you gone into the system configuration utility and unchecked some of the start-up programs?

    I had one program that kept re-installing itself even after I deleted it, (or most of it) I couldn't delete all of it because [windows message: the file is currently in use] the program kept re-installing.

    I looked around, and found that the start-up programs was where the problem lay.

    I went to
    typed in "msconfig" (no quotes)
    clicked ok
    and got the system configuration utility

    On the sys config utility window, the last tab is labeled " startup"

    Look at all the programs and applications listed. Start unchecking the most obvious ones, and restart the computer.
    If the puter messes up, go back and re-check the last ones you unchecked.

    The only programs I allow on start-up are
    my firewall,
    my battery backup,
    my antivirus.

    Everything else is unchecked. My computer runs MUCH faster, and I don't have programs rushing in at start-up and creating a bottleneck jam.

    Go to www.pchell for tons of virus, dll, trojan, and general computer problems. It's been a lifesaver to me more than once.

    Rick K.
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    Don't forget to install Firefox while you're at it.
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    I'd boot into safe mode before running your spyware software and see if that takes care of it.

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