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    16 - hijacking purchases?
    Today I got an email from a merchant. He made a "test purchase" on his home computer and he noticed that it was credited to SAVINGS.COM. He's upset about it and has asked that I investigate.

    I'm assuming that the merchant has installed a toolbar or has been infected by malware and that that is redirecting the sale.

    Does anyone know of SAVINGS.COM being involved in this sort of thing? Who if anyone should we remove from our program and with what excuse?

    Thanks for the help!

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    It's great that a Merchant has taken the time to resource this area. I believe that program managers should do spot checks on some of their affilate sites. I am going to ask some of my merchants to do some test puchases especially those that don't generate any sales.

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    From their site:
    Use Reputable Coupon Sites
    Not to worry! and many other online coupon sites have a reputation for being honest, helpful, and savvy when it comes to helping us find a good deal. is one of these sites hidding coupons and stuffing cookies.
    It should not be allowed! and on top of that they are giving a bad reputation to coupon sites.

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    Is still hijacking?
    Can someone who knows how help me out and confirm whether is still hijacking sales via some sort of cookie stuffing? Thanks!

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    Try contacting Kellie Stevens at

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    Quote Originally Posted by carrierocha View Post
    Can someone who knows how help me out and confirm whether is still hijacking sales via some sort of cookie stuffing? Thanks!
    Play with their site and you can see they are still stuffing away.
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