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    Smile Would you do with a top media site? ..I mean TOP media site
    With all of these huge media sites taking big losses or simply not maximizing their revenue, the first thing I think is, "Man, I would LOVE to have that site so that I can just endlessly promote affiliate offers."

    New York Times for example ( For most people on this site, I'm sure the answer for them would be obvious. Be a super affiliate and link affiliate ads with banners and text links in order to quadruple what they make in advertizing revenue, no?

    What would you do if you owned the times, youtube, or one of the top media conglomerates? What would you sell?

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    More general sites like that convert very poorly. What they're doing is probably the best way to monetize their sites, IMHO.

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    and text links
    They do better than a lot of affiliate sites just by selling adspace, doesn't matter to them if it converts, people are buying the eyes. They would not be nearly so popular if links started taking people to places they weren't expecting.

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