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    Using UPC code
    Hi guys, I'm very interested to hear if there's any news on this

    Is there now a way to pull price comparisons for major and small retailers via upc code reliably?

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    There are two separate issues:

    First, MOST retailers don't provide UPC data for their products in their affiliate datafeeds (including some who display UPC codes on their web sites).

    Second, some retailers include invalid data in the UPC field (sometimes using an incorrect UPC code for a different variant of the product [color, size], sometimes substituting the UPC for a different-but-related product [accessory, case], but most often just putting a non-UPC code into that field in the datafeed).

    There are lots of other datafeed "problems" that you'll discover when you try to display price comparisons. There's a huge collection of abusive practices that certain merchants have chosen to use to try to "game the system" so that their links will appear (and rank) on price-comparison sites.
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    as markwelch said, making sure that the merchants uses upc codes properly is the first thing to do when dealing with a new datafeed.
    Unfortunately many merchants don't include such value in their datafeeds so this is actually a big problem.

    I'm still searching a better way to show better price comparison results, using UPC only has been a quite mediocre solution so far

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    You will probably have more success using keywords than UPC codes. There are several popular shopping portals (google) that can help with that. Some shopping sites are industry-specific (like thefind DOT com)

    As others have said, UPC codes have many problems. I did once find a great website to help me locate products and UPC codes for products (when I didn't have one). IT wasn't perfect, but helpful.

    I'm happy to help, but I don't think I can post links here (my posts are edited/deleted by moderators), so PM me if you want me to hunt for that link.

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