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    April 28th, 2011
    Angry wondering if anyone can help????
    I have been trying to make at least one penny in comissions for 3 yrs nowand i can't seem to figure it out. I keep spending money on those great products i don't care about getting rich quick i mean that would be great but i would settle at this point , for some extra cash and some ACTUAL education on the matter. Real help would be great thanks

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    sounds like you are doing "internet marketing" as opposed to affiliate marketing.

    those great products haven't been so great, I guess.

    follow the threads here for a while and maybe you'll see a different way that doesn't cost you much more than sweat equity.

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    Hello wtf19, welcome to Abestweb where a lot of successful affiliate markets got started or grew from "why isn't this working" into "Hey, this is good". This is a huge place filled with useful information and a good place to help you see the big picture is this one: [2006] The Magic Bullet Thread - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum
    from there you should find a lot of answers and maybe some ideas of how it all fits together.
    Good luck.

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    I'm relatively new here as well. I can only say great things about the community and how helpful people are.

    If you are not making any money after three years then chances are you probably need to change your approach. The best thing I can suggest is to read and learn. Spend some time figuring out why you haven't made a profit yet, and then from there take actions to change what isn't working.

    From my limited experience, it's not easy, and like everything it takes work and commitment. But if you keep learning and checking your approach and making adjustments where necessary, your changes of success go up very fast.

    All the best of good fortunes for you!!
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