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    Overstock Wants me to Beg to Use their Datafeed
    What's up with Overstock these days, seem the affiliate manager is not interested in affiliates promoting them to make sales, at least they want to make it hard? I don't have time to be screwed around by jackasses......

    I have been promoting them for many years and made many sales over the years. Recently I lost my login details for their inhouse datafeed, I use the sports one and I prefer it over the CJ one as it is a lot smaller and I have already designed my database and website around that feed. I have made quite a few sales for them from this website in the past, not a lot in the last few months but I was hoping to spend some time on it this week to improve it and then realize I can't get the datafeed anymore.

    No problem I thought, from past experience dealing with their previous affiliate managers but not this time, HELLO BRICK WALL..... "HEY JOE"
    My letter to them

    > I would like to have access to your inhouse ftp datafeed as I had for
    > (website). Unfortunately I lost my login details for the
    > FTP and I would like to have a new one sent please.
    I was then told to pull the feed from CJ

    Hi Joe,
    I would prefer to have the inhouse one as I had before since I have
    developed around that and the other thing is that the CJ one is not
    split up and is a large file, the inhouse one I can just use the Sports
    datafeed and I then take the golf products from it.
    the next email came through and I was asked to explain, things like "What exactly has your history been like with Overstock?" " your sales amount", "what I use the feed for, etc..". and then this "With these questions answered I can look in to, but, not guarantee access to our in-house feed." Oh wow, should I send my F**& Resume in as well!!!!!!

    BYE OVERSTOCK, You can shove your datafeed and I will now promote some other Golf merchants who appreciates my business.... (I told them that and sent an url to this thread so they can explain why they have decided to be so difficult )... I included all my CJ details so they can see my account and history and realize I'm a 5 bar affiliate, no they expected me to suck up to them and beg for access to something I already was allowed to use.
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    wow - affiliate manager FAIL moment.
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    Overstock discontinued their in-house feed. They may be doing custom in-house feeds for one or two large affiliates, but for the rest of us, the feed has gone away.

    IMHO, the CJ feed is better because the in-house feed has become very unreliable. In the months leading up to the discontinuation, I was experiencing all kinds of problems including zero size files, missing files, and corrupt files.
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