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    Will my plan succeed?
    I am a newbie to affiliate marketing - I have read that many are making money from Adsense, but as far as I understand, I feel that affiliate marketing is far superior, as compared to Adsense.

    I have devised a business plan and its already put into motion - here is how it works

    1. I offer free custom built & hosted websites.

    These are ad-supported (and for the time being serving Adsense ) till I find someone who would give me a good program to run on my sites.

    2. The people signing up for a free website, join my email list and the email has to work if they want people to get in touch with them through the website

    3. So, now I have real estate to put the ads on and also an email list to promote my affiliate programs.

    Will I succeed?

    All responses are welcomed - also welcomed are people seeking free custom built & hosted websites and most importantly Affiliate Program Vendors and Managers.

    I follow the rules of this forum and therefore cannot post my url for the free site, unless of course I get an explicit permission

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    Question 1: You need to get lots of traffic, what's your plan?
    Question 2: You need to get visitors' permission before you send Email to them, how will you do that?

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    1) Freemium
    2) I take their permission.

    Honestly, I haven't had much success on getting traffic, any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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