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    To Newsletter or Not, that is the question...
    I am on the cusp of creating a newsletter, or not. What are the purposes people use them for? Do most Internet marketers use them? Are there any downsides?

    How about the autoresponder?
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    A newsletter is a great way of building lists that is if you can attract sufficient traffic.

    Google your subject and add newsletters, e.g. 'weight loss newsletters' and take a look at the opposition you face, if you can offer better information then give it a go. You must be prepared to supply regular issues containing good content and every few issues you slip in your affiliate offer.

    For auto-responders you cannot go wrong with AWeber.

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    Its a common sense way to bring consumers back to your site. You should be using retention emails to bring back past shoppers and acquisition emails to acquire new one. The newsletter works as a retention email.

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    Think a newsletter for your niche is perfect. Don't get discouraged if it takes a while to build up your list...
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    Thanks for your help everyone. I have a wordpress plugin newsletter on my site now, but am looking into aweber as a long term solution.
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