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    Conversion Delay?
    So I just signed up with SAS to run a test campaign with SnorgTees. It's only been a day or two since I signed up, and so far I'm reporting 175 "Hits," which I'm assuming are clicks on affiliate links and 0 conversions. Do conversions generally take a little while to get counted, or do I just have a pathetically low conversion rate?

    The EPC for SnorgTees is $13.86. Is this supposed to mean average effective cost per click? Or is this effective cost per 100 clicks?

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    it is per 100 clicks as far as i know. this is not the actual payout. it means the infrastucture between sales or leads and the number of clicks that a certain program has generated

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    Ivan is right, it is average earnings per 100 but some may see higher EPC and some lower, nothing's predictable and it depends on your traffic pretty much, whether they are browsing or shopping, and whether they found what they want and the checkout process went smoothly and other things. At SAS, any commissions earned will show up immediately, in real time unless the merchant has some different setup.

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