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    Merchant exceeds the SAS 255 character limit
    I'm using an import script I got on here several years ago, it's been modified many times. I'm working with a large datafeed that has several item descriptions that exceed the 255 character limit with SAS and it's breaking my script. Is there an easy way to truncate (left string or something) and ignore the rest of the data? It appears that the first 255 characters are put into the description field, then it overflows into the next field, throwing my columns out of sync.

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    Nevermind, I found the issue.

    Since the descriptions for this particular merchant were so long, my fgetcsv() function had too small of a length argument. I increased that value, and it's working fine.

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    Weekends can be slow, sorry no one stopped in to help, but I'm happy to hear you found the fix. Thank you for letting others know what you found out.

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