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    clickbank question
    i'm wondering..what is the reputation of clickbank among buyers in US, Canada and so..? Where i come from nobody ever heard about clickbank and i can't get any picture of it and i'm sure it wouldn't last long here.
    i mean, are people generally distracted when they see clickbank, or it's trustworthy company like amazon for example?
    isn't it stupid that affiliates and buyers see exact same product offer? do buyers from clickbank directly care about "super top extra mega ultra high converting new sales page" or how many upsells it has, or that it's the easiest mony they ever made if they promote it?

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    I don't think Clickbank's site is intended for the public. I guess if someone finds it, it is possible to shop there. Their main page has big links for VENDORS and AFFILIATES that would probably send most of the public away before they look around.

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    agreed. there are sell, promote and buy links, but affiliates and vendors ones are visible enough.

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    Buyers are unlikely to come into contact with Clickbank as they would say Amazon because Clickbank is not marketed as a consumer marketplace.

    It is a merely a platform for merchants to offer their wares to affiliates to promote.

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