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    Where to go when Hacked?
    My affiliate site has been up and running for over 10 years. A couple of years ago some of the pages had stopped generating revenue and I lost interest in them. One, in particular was a "link farm" of shoe stores. I made the mistake of always using the "back door", for editing purposes, and did not realize that I had been hacked and my site had become pass-word protected, which prevented all potential customers from entering my site. The hacked-in code was created by a US government contractor, but I don't believe they were involved with the hacking. I, of course, have kept a copy of the rogue code.
    What legal authority might be interested in this crime?

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    You might ask your host for assistance. You can visit for assistance with hacked sites.

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    How were you able to find out that he/she was a govt contractor?

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    Gov. Contractor
    The software was identified with the name of its creator. I called the company and was told by the woman who answered the phone that they do not create this sort of software for the private marketplace, only for the government.
    I have since determined that the malware was actually implanted in an advertiser link that I had downloaded from one of the biggest and most reputable affiliate agencies.

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    check for the settings and history........ change the procedure.....

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