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    As an affiliate, what kind of tools/stats/marketing material do you want?
    Hi there,

    I run a small web hosting company and we're looking into setting up an affiliate program. But I wanted to get some feedback from successful affiliates on a bunch of items:

    1) How much detail in reporting do you prefer? I.e. do you prefer seeing just your total number of clicks/conversions/profit? Or do you like being able to break down your stats by campaigns and landing pages and such?

    2) Are you more inclined to join an affiliate program for a given merchant if they were part of a big network like CJ or Shareasale? The reason I'm asking this question is because our billing system has an integrated affiliate program that works great with it, but it has limited features. So I'm trying to determine if we should enhance the current system or if it would be better to look at a network instead. I know that the big networks have an inherent trust that you can't really get with an in house program.

    3) What are your biggest concerns when joining a program?

    4) Is there anything specific you look for when deciding whether to join a program or not? I.e. what would completely turn you away from a program, what would make you really consider them? etc.

    5) Is there any specific marketing material you look for when joining a program? Specific banner sizes/types? Landing pages? etc

    I appreciate the feedback
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    Most of these topics have been asked by others in your position, you might find answers here: Starting an Affiliate Program & Merchant Q&A - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum
    Good luck.

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    Ahh cool, I didn't see that forum before. Thanks

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