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    I think this is worth posting, sometime ago, one of the highly successful members agreed to do a web review for me, she felt angelfire & tripod were for novices, which to me I still am,because, with family members passing away, and my poor vision, etc,things we picked up in the miserable Korean War,I din't get into the technology, had some fly by night merchants, learned a lot on the forum, at least now I am earning a bit, and a staggering amount of click throughs on Linkshare alone.So her suggestion to use NAMO, and inmotion hosting, where iI clled, they have an office in Virginia Beach, VA. one in Califoria, and in Korea,I told the inmotion salesmen I had several other sites, and that I had vision problems, he responded we can help, yeah BS he referred me to SOURAV the site designers in Korea, only they really are in India,more BS they wanted a mere $400 for the best showcase site in the world,only thing is there is a bug in the software,when you set up the 5 search programs, directhit opened pandora's box I ended up with 56 viruses,which took my computer repair service 2 weeks to remove, and threw away my back up disks, i lost my ftp-pro, how to pay $90 for a new download, Google, and ask jeeves had to be restored, and I had to buy a more expensive virus program,also they found msn was adding a few bugs also, so I had to switch to Sprint/earthlink DSL, the first modem they sent was defecetive, (Made IN China), after all of this, I cant get control of my own site, every request is answered with an automated message, do this or that. The designer ,in India doesn't know the difference between a baby monitor and computer, I had to send him the difference, I don't know what they smoke there, but it must be strong, now I spent close to $800 bucks, on a site I can edit, or manage, I thought affilite marketing was supposed to help us earn a bit not keep paying, all I got left is my social security, and my lost goals of building a nice little memorial area for my dearest irish rose, who left this earth last year, after 49 years,as a lifetime partner, the medical bills,funeral and sending her back home to the family plot in Ireland cost over $20,000, and if I had more it would have been priceless, with all she did for others,and her donations to the St.Jude foundation, after we lost one of our sons, and also to the Lakota Indian Children's schools in South Dakota, so beware of all this, and Greek's bearing gifts because you may end up falling into the quicksand trap, I fell in, I have contacted them, and demand my money back, it has a 30 day return on all of the services, I hope I don't have to travel to India, but , if I do, there will be one less designer in the world, 2 wars, and we learn things most folks want to forget, but when it's drummed into you, it stays in the sawdust between my ears, I have nothing to lose.Thanks to all forum members, you have been great, at times, my Irish gets up, but cools off fast.I met more honest used car dealers, and they know all the tricks

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    Hello James T.

    Sorry to hear all the woes & hurdles you have encountered ... sounds like you've got more than your share in a VERY short period of time.

    Because it's the holiday season I'd like to offer you a couple of affiliate software application tools (PERL) for your use in marketing if you like ... pro-bono (free).

    Drop me a private message with your contact information if you would like to take me up on the offer. I'll have Craig start discussions with you about the setup process when you know the HOST server your domain will be at.

    Happy Holidays!
    Ray Thomas
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    I would just like to add - for those that are wondering - it was NOT me who recommended James buy this program.

    It was Sandra - the butthead.


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    Ouch! Good to know.

    Sorry to hear of all your troubles, James. Hope you get everything worked out soon.

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