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    Question Best Affiliate Marketing Techniques

    I have taken over managing the affiliates programme for our company. We currently have about 85 affiliates, some of which perform well and some of which hardly advertise us. I´m looking to increase the number of affiliates but I´m running out of marketing ideas. I have registered with affiliate directories and conducted email marketing in the past. Although email marketing is specific, it is very slow. I am beginnig to come around to the idea of joining an affiliate network but just not sure it will be worth it financially when we already pay a fortune for PPC advertising.

    Ideas and help


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    Hi Narelle,
    Joining a network is definately the best way to get your program in front of a lot of affiliates. Not only are you going to get more affiliates to your program, but a lot of affiliates really do prefer joining a program that is part of a network like CJ, Shareasale, etc.

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    Thanks for the response.

    We have run our own programme for so long but its just not gathering enough momentum. I am trying to work out which type of network would be best to use. I can't work out why some companies pick CPA networks and other don't.

    Also there are so many networks out there and whenever I search for answers on which networks are best, the answer is always, thats dependant on your product and programme, which I'm sure is true but doesn´t really help me.

    I have been told that clixGalore is a good starting step as there is no initial sign-up fee but I'm now beginning to think that this sign up fee as a percentage is going to appear minimal if the affiliates programme attracts attention.

    When you sign up to these networks are there recurring fees? Also, do they join our affiliate programme through our sign-up page or through the network they found us through?

    Lastly (and I am really REALLY sorry to ask so many questions) is there a contract of some kind you have to sign if there is a recurring monthly fee, i.e. you have to pay us 200euros a month for a minimum of 24months before you can leave the network?

    You would think that the sign-up fee and any other costs would depend upon the current success of the programme and yearly online revenue etc, as surely these networks wouldn´t want to lose good merchants over a measly sign-up fee.

    Its always hard being a newbie! Im hoping this is going to get easier.

    Thanks for your help

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    Joining a network
    We have had client who hav ran in house programmes, and there are certainly ways to grow affiliates such as look at the vertical your in, eek out information sites (sites that basically don't sell the same products) approach them, and sign them up.

    We have taken on board the affiliates who were part of the in house programme and transferred them over to a public network in the UK, this meant better tracking, more management options, options to join other programmes, security etc for the old affiliates, but for the merchant it meant getting tons of new affiliates joining them by being more visible.

    Try and look for a reputable network, but see where your competitors are, chances are the affiliates of your competitors will join your programme too.

    Sorry for bumping an old thread but the last reply didn't sound like the OP had reached any conclusion.

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    Hi there,
    In my brief experience, I find affiliates can see using a network as almost like a safety net, especially if the AM is helpful, informative and receptive to your needs as an affiliate.

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