Finally, this is my first post on ABW ever since I began affiliate marketing 3 years ago.

Well, as the learned people here say that, there are no easy short cuts to riches with affiliate marketing and so I have burnt my hands in the past, but I guess now I make a decent income online.

I have tried SEO & PPC, but I found more success with PPC. I know SEO works great and long term, but I have inherent aptitude & interest towards SEM.

Alright, post introductions my question is:

Are there any advertising networks that let you promote affiliate ads leading directly to merchant site and then they work with you on a CPA basis?

Now I want to buy media inventory for niche categories from "Advertising Networks" that can work with me on CPA basis for my direct affiliate linking promotions through my ads. So, when I make a commission that's when, I pay them for their traffic.

This way though my commissions would get cut down, still it can be a sure thing, if the product is really nice.

I would really appreciate some help. thanks.