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Thread: Check out these Milanoo affiliate incentives!

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    Check out these Milanoo affiliate incentives!
    Milanoo is offering some great affiliate incentives! There's sure to be something that appeals to you.

    From May 9th till June 9th, the top three best content articles will win a $100 gift voucher to All you need to do is send the link to the article referencing Milanoo to Natalie Bennett, Each entry must include five links to or specific Milanoo products to be eligible. Entries are not limited and content affiliates are free to enter as many times as you wish.

    From May 9th till June 9th, any new affiliate that makes three sales in the month will be awarded a $15 bonus. Note that affiliates currently joined to the program that yet to make any sales are also eligible.

    From May 9th til June 9th, the top three affiliates with the most sales will receive a base commission rate of 15% for the following 2 months.

    Any affiliate that generates $1000 in sales will receive a $20 bonus, and any that generates $2000 will receive a $25 bonus.

    Milanoo is dedicated affordable apparel and costume products online dealer. Their primary market is in the North America, Japan and West Europe. Major products include wedding apparel, prom dresses, daily dresses, lycra body tights, cosplay, lolita fashion and many other women's accessories like hadbags, fashion shoes and wigs.
    Affiliates earn 12-21% commission on all sales with a 45 day cookie.

    Click here to join!
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    I'd like to join Milanoo, but joining Webgains network itself has proven to be difficult. Even for a seasoned affiliate. So unfortunate.

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    My name is Natalie Bennett and I am the account manager for this program, if you would like to pop me an email directly at I will be more than happy to assist you in trying to become an affiliate for the Webgains network and this program.

    Kind Regards,

    Natalie Bennett
    Account Manager

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