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    I am doing some recruiting right now, and I've been looking at a few sites with substantial traffic that I feel would be a perfect fit to become our CPA affiliates. When looking at a site's traffic, however , there seems to be a certain threshold of popularity where they begin to have their own advertising structure in place with very specific guidelines and pricing.

    Take for example, a content rich megasite that is rife with Google ads and banners. Sites like this seem totally geared towards merchants looking to pay for banner space to advertise (generally CPC). They are obviously in a position where merchants come to them and not the other way around.

    (For reference, check out their advertising section: Advertise with | Online Advertising Media Kit for

    My question: in your experience, are sites like this ever open to doing CPA, even if it's not included in their advertising schema (as in the above)? Now, obviously, you aren't going to convince a site like Facebook to be your lawn gnome warehouse website's affiliate (however nice the commission), but what about lesser beasts? is probably too big of an example, but you get the point.

    Let me know if I'm not makin' any sense.

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    Having been a website publisher since 1996, I can tell you that very small sites may be open to affiliate CPA's, especially if they are running adsense.

    The majority of sites I own are all direct pay/ flat fee ad sites. Once a publisher flips that internal switch to flat fee or CPM/CPC they usually will not go the CPA route since it is very hard to base your business on someone else's CPA tracking ability.

    I would recommend putting in place a system that proves you have a high conversion rate.

    I will give you an example:

    **kinda off topic**
    I work with only super affiliates, can get a lower CPA with them since I know my industry and how much skimming occurs as well as cookie jacking etc..

    So I can show examples and a strong case that even with a lower CPA that I can track 90% ( sometimes better ) of all sales that come through my company back to an affiliate. This includes calls, chat, emails and sales staff.

    Make an argument that makes logical business sense and show real proof to back it up.

    Ben Fisher

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    Makes sense. Thanks for the insight, Ben!

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