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    dotcom vs dot???
    Is there any disadvantage to using a dotinfo or dotbiz over a dotcom. Does Google favour the latter in any way? I have a few dotinfo site that I haven't really used to any effect up to now and I want to start developing them.

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    Google says that there is no difference in terms of how they rank the extensions here (question 6), however there are many who feel that this is not true.

    If you are trying to brand a site, a .com is really the way to go.
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    Here are a few related discussions on that subject (more or less) some go back pretty far in time so read carefully so as not to break anything.

    domain names selection questions for SEO experts - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

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    Personally I think it is more of a consumer disadvantage because too often you will lose traffic to the .com version of your domain when someone mentions your site to friends, or tries to remember where they saw something. People think in terms of .com for sites. If your traffic is primarily PPC it doesn't matter as much.

    Domain appraisals - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum
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