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    I was just contacted by a solicitor in Europe who is representing Ms. Suha Arafat, the widower of deceased Palestinian Leader Mr. Yasser Arafat. It seems she is looking for reliable business partners in the US who can deposit large sums of money from a European bank. The solicitor is in Europe not Nigeria and so is the money. The email even had a link to a BBC article, so it must be legit, right? Oh, by the way, I was asked not to reveal any information contained in the email, so lets just keep this between ourselves.

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    forward it to the secret service they love that stuff

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    LOL Suha only *thinks* she still has that money!

    In reality, it's been secreted into a Palestinian bank account by one of Yasser's former close confidantes. And...he wants ME to reinvest it in the US until he can sneak out of there!!

    Odd though...when I whoised the real address the mail was sent from, it said the country code was actually NG or something like that...strange that they would abbeviate "Palestine" that way, don't you think?
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    You'd think she'd make more selling the secret honeymoon suite videos of her and Arafat like the Pamala & Tommy porn flick. Oh...I forgot that one's already a free download on the P2P networks.
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    Unfortunately you have missed the The 3rd Annual Nigerian Email Conference
    but if you want more background info on Nigerian emails have a look at the Official Conference Proceedings

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